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Electrical Energy Audit in Frederick County Information

Tim Kyle provides a number of electrical services to all parts of Maryland, but one that is more unknown in its purpose is the energy audit. To figure out if you need an electrical energy audit in Frederick County, you should first read up on the information below, and then contact our electricians for more details!

What Does It Mean to Get an Electrical Energy Audit in Frederick County

Put simply, this process involves an “[assessment of] your home’s energy use.” They are typically performed on a room-by-room basis so that the technician can see which spaces are responsible for the most energy consumption. They also (with your permission) take a look at previous power bills to get a sense of how it’s used in your home.

When you have a technician run an electrical energy audit, it typically will “include a blower door test. Most will also include a thermographic scan.” What they’re looking to do is to keep you informed about ways that you can waste less energy while cutting back on your power bills and still staying comfortable within your home.

Once you decide to have this process undertaken, it’s best to make a list ahead of time that outlines all of the problems you have noticed (such as drafts in rooms). Since, as mentioned above, they’ll likely want to look at your past energy usage, see if you can obtain a copy for them to look over. When the auditor actually arrives, they’ll first examine the exterior of the home to take in the doors and windows, the type of building, and more.

This service will be most effective if you detail your (and others who live there) habits. For example, if there is a guest bedroom that you don’t use and which is therefore infrequently heated, let them know so they don’t think that this is unusual or a problem that needs fixing. Together, you and the technician can find ways for you to really cut back on wasting power, which is something that is sorely needed these days.

For the best professional electricians that Baltimore has to offer, visit Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Coolingian. You’ll be glad you did!

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