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Energy Audit: A Must Do Energy “Remedy” Process

We all need electricity in our homes and at the workplace, and in virtually everything we do (which can turn out to be very expensive). A generous portion of our expenses goes to paying electrical bills. Part of a common inefficiency is from current trends of overusing power, hence the need to scrutinize electrical energy used: to save money and the environment, and to prevent damages. Resources needed to generate electricity are limited, and any efforts undertaken to efficiently use power and to minimize waste is required. This is where an energy audit comes into play.

What Is an Electrical Energy Audit?

An electrical audit is a technical survey aimed at assessing electrical energy usage. Basically, the objective of an energy audit is to eliminate losses and to implement energy-saving alternatives for optimum sustainability. An energy audit is a stepping-stone to identify areas of concern, come up with an energy saving plan, and prioritize efficiency upgrades.

A proper energy audit can help to save an average of 25% of utility expenses. For an industrial facility, exact saving depends on the age, size, and type of the facility, as well as the current approaches to operations and maintenance. At homes, an energy audit can help save up to 10% of your heating and cooling bills, and up to 75% of the lighting bills.

Almost all homes, businesses, and industrial settings operate at less than 75% of maximum efficiency. By examining the flow of electricity and operations in detail, energy waste can be identified. Then, the individual can craft an energy management approach to save on utility expenses in the long run.

When you notice that your energy bills keep escalating, know that it’s a call for an energy audit. Technology keeps advancing, and more reliable types of equipment are being engineered. Therefore, you need a periodical audit, which helps in determining the kind of equipment with which to upgrade.

Professional home energy audits remain to the best option. Professionals will go into detail in assessing and examining electrical flow. They use technical approaches and sophisticated tools to give the best results and provide the most efficient solutions. They can also conduct a thorough walk through and pinpoint problem areas.

To learn more about hiring a pro for an energy audit, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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