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Energy Management Systems for Your Business

In today’s world, there is a strong push towards energy efficiency in homes, production, and in our vehicles. But what about commercial buildings? Read more to learn how you can save money with the right commercial energy management and what an energy audit entails.

How a Commercial Energy Management Audit Can Help

Surprisingly, when it comes to spending by commercial businesses, one-third of operating expenses go toward energy consumption. This can be anywhere from refrigeration to leaving lights on. An auditor can take a comprehensive look at your energy consumption data and make an assessment. An audit can help reduce any extra expenses so owners achieve increased profits and property asset values. It will also help to identify opportunities to save energy, lower ownership costs, promote environmental stewardship, and health and safety. Recommendations may include installing solar panels, better insulation, energy-efficient lighting, and energy-efficient refrigeration.

Steps of an Energy Audit

The auditor will take a look at billing rate schedules, utility usage, and areas served from those utilities. They will check exhaust fans, heating and cooling systems, lighting systems, and review the building blueprints from when the building was first built. An auditor should also collect thermal and electric consumption data and check for air leaks. The auditor will also ensure that temperature and humidity sensors are calibrated properly, as well as interview the staff to determine hours of operation and to gather opinions about areas of concern.

Tests that the auditor will undertake may include infrared camera testing, air handler fan watt draw, duct leakage, and refrigerant charge. These tests will determine if there are cracks causing air leakage or if there is equipment drawing more power than needed.

There is absolutely no point in paying more money for preventable energy management issues. Not only can issues be fixed, but they can also be prevented. If you are looking for a helpful electrician in Perry Hall, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today. To cut back on wasteful usage – and wasted money – we’ll work with you to develop a plan. Conserving power in your commercial space is easy enough when you get an audit and then implement a strategy for savings!

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