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Are Recessed Lights Energy Efficient?

Recessed lighting can really brighten up a home and bring the right lighting elements to the space. But are these lights energy efficient? Get this answer and more from your Perry Hall electrician. Here are some ways you can make sure the lighting of this type will be efficient for your home.

Recessed Lights and Energy Efficiency

Recessed lighting can be energy efficient, but there are a few measures and steps you need to take to reduce energy waste. Here are some ways you can make sure the lighting of this type will be efficient for your home:

  • Put the lights on a dimmer. You can dim the lights when you only need a little illuminate and save energy. Instead of having them blasting at full brightness all of the time, you can vary things and keep your home energy efficient at the same time.
  • Use LED bulbs. If you already know you want recessed lighting, another way to make it efficient is to put in LED bulbs because they use less energy and are the most efficient option. They also run cooler, which allows you to save energy when you cool the home in the summer months. LED bulbs and fixtures cost more, but you can save a lot in efficiency.
  • Make sure fixtures are airtight. When you install new recessed lighting fixtures, you should look into airtight options. You don’t want cans that are going to leak air into your attic, or you can lose a lot of energy.
  • Insulate exposures. If your recessed lighting is going to be exposed to the attic, you are going to want to make sure you insulate the cans with covers so they give you the ability to avoid holes and gaps that can leak air and kill off the efficiency of the house.

Perry Hall Electricians Can Help

If you want to look into recessed lighting, your Perry Hall electrician can help you with the details. They can go over efficiency options with you and let you decide what will work best for your home. With the right information and professional advice, you can get everything in order and get the lighting you want for your home. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to learn more.

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