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Conserve Power Wasted in Excessive Air Conditioning

It may be September now, officially, but that doesn’t mean the air is suddenly crisp and cool. In many places, it’ll be hot, humid, and uncomfortable into October, and you’ll still have the A/C on some days. However, there are ways that you can conserve power by cooling down other ways than via the air conditioner.

Cool down, but Also Conserve Power

The reason to cut back on your A/C use isn’t just because it will definitely run up your energy bills: it’s also because it can reduce the  lifespan of your unit. Since that will also cost you big, try some of the following tips to conserve power without having to suffer from the heat in early fall.

“First, keeping your air conditioner clean helps components to run more smoothly, which in turn reduces the amount of energy you need to cool the home.” It may not have occurred to you before to do this, but it makes a big difference in the unit’s efficiency. The two parts that need the most attention are “your air filter” and “the outside unit,” though you really should have a professional clean both of these to ensure that the maintenance is done right and doesn’t actually do damage to the A/C.

Do you ever keep any windows open? If not, for whatever reasons, then you should consider getting into this habit. Particularly in the early morning and at night, letting in some breeze from the outside can make a big different in cooling things down and conserving power. Another easy switch to make is using ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioning. Though the fans might not cool things down enough on their own, together with a little A/C they can definitely help. This way, you can have the air on, but not as intensely as you might need to without the fan.

Finally, “a great way to save some money on cooling and cut down on AC usage is to make sure you understand how your thermostat works.” If you aren’t savvy with it yet (particularly if it’s a ‘smart thermostat’), then ask your electrician how you can use it to cut back on the amount of energy used in your home.

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