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Cut Energy Costs Around the House

It’s never too late to begin trying to conserve power at home, in the office, or anywhere else. You can make some small changes and cut energy costs in ways that you may never have considered before now!

It Isn’t Hard to Cut Energy Posts

One of the biggest ones is to take action to reduce the strain on your water heater. “Each 10 degrees F you turn down your tank-style hot water heater can reduce your energy costs.” That may not seem like a lot, but it can add up over time, and this is just one potential step of many.You can also just replace it completely with a newer model, one that will save you power as a result of its updated, less-wasteful technologies.

Next, turn your attention to the lights. Make sure that they’re turned off when not in use, or consider “occupancy sensors” in case you live with people who are forgetful. Also, if you have an incandescent bulbs still powering your home, then you should replace those immediately. They’re hugely wasteful in how so much energy is wasted on the heat that they give off, and the modern LED bulbs “can save you up to 75 percent on lighting costs.”

When you’re trying to cut energy costs, you want to think about every possible source of energy expenditure in the house. “Vampire energy drain” is something we’ve discussed before wherein electronics that are plugged in, though off, still drain energy. An easy way to combat is this by employing power strips around the house, though the best option is simply to unplug devices when they aren’t in use.

As with incandescent bulbs, older appliances and devices put a lot of strain on the system with their inefficient use of your home’s power. If you can, replace them with newer models. You don’t have to break the bank for the most cutting-edge washer and dryer, but you should aim to make a purchase with the Energy Star seal of approval on it.

If you want more information about  how you can cut energy costs with little steps around the house, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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