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Energy Bill Reduction Is Easier Than You Think

In this day and age of homes that contain dozens of regularly-used electronics, you may have gotten an energy bill before that is alarming, to say the least. Our electricity use is at a high, considering how much time we spend on devices, but that doesn’t mean you have to waste that energy and pay for it at a premium. There are ways that you can manage your usage with a few simple swaps!

How Do Smart Home Devices Affect Your Energy Bill?

You may have considered purchasing a smart thermostat before, one that adjusts itself based on the demand for energy. A lot of people are against this device because they want to be “in control” of the heating and cooling more than they want to save power and money. However, this is perhaps the largest electrical expense in your home, and so installing a more high-tech thermostat will make a huge difference. Since you can also typically control them from an app on your phone, it’s even easier to track and control your temperature in various rooms.

Rather than standard switches, have you considered motion-activated, or light occupancy sensor switches? These will turn on or off when people enter and leave a room to save you having to remember to do so yourself (something that many people forget when leaving a room). Since they can also react to the presence of natural light, you save more than ever by preventing regular wasteful use.

Another smart home device that you can utilize in order to lower your energy bill is one that can control your outlets. By scheduling when they should be on or off, you can cut back on the flow of power to places that are only “activated” once a day. This might include the plug for a bedside table lamp, a coffee pot, a desktop fan, and more. Again, the convenience of a phone app makes it so that you can turn these outlets on or off from just about anywhere. How much easier could it get?

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