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Energy-Saving Tips For Your Home

Many people do not understand how easy it is to conserve energy in their homes and we help them change that. We can help residents attain a drastic minimization in heating and cooling and thus reduce the electricity cost by performing simple changes, so read some of the following energy-saving tips.

Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Many residents wish to take advantage of the various up-to-date systems and knowledge in home energy efficiency. We can do in-depth testing for you and get the best saving energy solutions for your home in particular. Some of the reasons why you may need energy-saving tips are:

  • It helps you save money since it will cost less to power your home if it is converted to a more efficient home
  • It maximizes the level of comfort in your house
  • It minimizes the impact of climate change on energy consumption
  • It reduces pollution since conventional production of power lead to introduction of pollutants into the air, soil, and water.

Some of the ways to achieve this are:

Install tankless water heaters

These types of heaters provide you with hot water only as you need it. The tank-less heaters do not produce the energy losses like the traditional storage water heaters and this saves on energy cost. They heat water directly without the need for a storage tank.

Replace any incandescent bulbs

With the incandescent bulbs, their appliances and devices exert a lot of strain on the system, and this leads to inefficient use of power. It would be wise to replace them with new models. These bulbs are said to convert only 11% of energy to lighting while the rest goes to waste as it becomes heat. Replacing them with new technologies like the LEDs will reduce the energy needed for lighting.

Use your electronic appliances responsibly

Electronics account for approximately 20% of your household energy bills. To minimize cost:

  • Ensure the refrigerator or freezers are not placed near the dishwashers, heat vents or exposed to direct sunlight as this will force them to use a lot of energy to stay cool.
  • Ensure to switch off computers when they are not in use or if they must be left on, at least make sure the monitor is shut off.
  • Use the efficient Energy STAR- rated electric appliances.

If you take the initiative to take these energy-saving tips, you will discover that energy saving is worth the effort. We can assist by making this process easy for you by doing a comprehensive assessment to help you with the changes. To choose a qualified electrician for your own house and to know you’re getting a licensed professional, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things,¬†for your home or business.


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