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Energy Technology Still Often Ignored

Something that many consumers don’t consider is that no matter how modern and efficient energy technology becomes, none of it will mean anything if the people (customers) themselves don’t adjust their habits.  If utility companies identify ways for their users to save money and energy but those users don’t implement the practices, nothing will change.

The Continued Need for Use of Efficient Energy Technology

Energy technology like smart meters and “peak pricing” aren’t new concepts, but, amazingly, people are still resistant the ideas, or at least they avoid turning on and off the power as advised by those times and numbers.  Even more incredibly, some scoff at the idea of letting the power company control their meter, turning it on and off as peak hours come into effect, which can cut back on energy usage and on costs for the customer.  They don’t want to lose that freedom to change the temperature as they please and believe that the utility company is just trying to save money for themselves.

Another helpful feature that people seem to turn up their noses at is information comparing one household’s energy usage to that of their neighbor’s, for example.  This is meant to be encouragement for change, of course, and not a kind of insult to the homeowner.  In reality, the “fixes” for not coming out on top of other neighbors is just to adjust energy use so that it’s less intensive in the specific time range.  One suggestion is to put off the power-heavy washing machine use until nighttime when there is a lot less other usage going on.

Of course, it does help the utility company, since power is also more expensive for them to produce during those peak hours.  It’s only a part of the reason that they push energy technology, though: their intention is to drop overall usage which also includes that of their customers.  Something not many people consider is that it isn’t only wasteful and costly during those time periods, but it also can “be very polluting, involving firing up special turbines or turning on old, dirty plants.”

Changing how we all use (and often waste) power won’t be easy, but it’s made easier with the development of newer and more informative energy technology.  To learn more about how you can save energy and money in your own home, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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