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Five Energy-Efficient Home Features

Energy-efficient home appliances and fixtures are designed to use less energy compared to their counterparts. They help homeowners save more money. They also reduce your carbon footprint which decreases the negative effects of climate change. If you want to conserve energy and help the environment, learn more from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, electrician in Perry Hall.

Energy-Efficient Home Appliances

If your goal is to lower your monthly electricity bills and have a more sustainable home, consider installing these home features:

Energy-saving windows. One of the most effective ways to keep heated and cooled air inside your home is by installing energy-efficient windows. The increased insulation can help you conserve energy and save money. Also, these types of windows can protect you from UV rays and soundproof your home.

Smart thermostats. You can connect this device to your mobile phone, allowing you complete control over of your home’s temperature—even while away. It can provide you with accurate energy tracking reports to help you conserve more energy and money. Also, it can alert you when it senses that your pipes may be freezing, saving you money on costly repairs and restorations.

Solar panels. Maximize energy savings by installing solar panels on your roofs. According to Energy.gov, the biggest benefits are reduced monthly bills and financial returns. You’ll never run out of solar energy as it’s renewable and sustainable. Also, because solar panels are considered a home upgrade, you will likely increase the value of your home. Installing solar panels is a good addition especially when you’re planning to sell your home in the future. Additionally, you earn tax credits and rebates.

Tankless water heaters. Also known as a demand water heater, this type of water heater only heats water when you need it, eliminating standby heat loss. Tankless water heaters also last twice as long, require less maintenance, and are up to 24% more energy efficient.

Water harvesting system. Using an electrical pump system will still cost you money. You can eliminate this by installing a rainwater harvesting system that captures and stores rainwater from your rooftop for later use.

Contact an Electrician in Perry Hall

The last thing a homeowner wants is skyrocketing utility bills every month. You can avoid this by installing energy-efficient home appliances and fixtures for your home. Please reach out to an electrician in Perry Hall today for an estimate. Our technicians at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling are trained and experienced and here to help. Call Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today!

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