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Prioritizing an Appliance Upgrade

You should consider an appliance upgrade if your dishwasher, refrigerator, or washing machine is over 10 years old. Instead of paying for repairs, save money and energy by replacing your appliances with updated versions. If you need a residential electrical service in Westminster, the experts at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can provide you with high-quality service.

The Benefits of Modern Appliances

One of the main benefits of modern appliances and electronics is that they are energy efficient. Since appliances require a lot of gas and electricity, it is likely that you’re spending a significant amount of money to keep them running. An appliance upgrade means that the appliances are energy efficient, user friendly, and more durable than the appliances you traded them in for. It also means you will improve its aesthetics. New, shiny appliances are captivating and add beauty to the interior of your home.

The older a refrigerator is, the more energy it consumes. Cut the costs of your monthly bills by trading your refrigerator for a new one. It will ensure that your products don’t suffer from warm temperature, you’ll save on maintenance costs, and it adds to its life expectancy.

You can save up to $40 per year when you upgrade your dishwasher as well as save energy, minimize water usage, and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Upgrading to an Energy Star rated dishwasher will contribute to saving 1,600 gallons of water throughout its lifetime.

Washing Machines and Dryers
You will save up to $70 annually when you upgrade to an Energy Star washing machine and dryer. You can expect faster cycle times, and to use far less water. Not only are you saving water, but you will also be saving money on your water bill as well.

Home Generators
An upgraded home generator will give you peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about your appliances not working when the power is out. It delivers power quickly, operates safely, and protects your home from dangerous power surges.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling: Residential Electrical Service in Westminster

Ready for an appliance upgrade? At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, no job is too small! Whether you need panel upgrades or rewiring, we can do it all. Contact us for a free estimate!

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