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Reduce Electrical Consumption with These Tips

Being conscious about home electricity usage is vital to homeowners. It has been reported that an average household spends more than $1,000 on electricity each year. However, you can save money by scheduling a residential electrical service in Owings Mills to assess your system and provide you with energy-saving tips. Read on to learn more!

Ways to Reduce Electrical Consumption

Here are some tips from local experts to reduce electrical use:

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. Lighting is a significant source of residential and commercial electricity consumption, accounting for 10-25% of residential energy use. Replacing light bulbs with fluorescent or LED bulbs can reduce residential energy costs by 90%. If a business owner wants to save money on their monthly bill, replacing old light fixtures with modern LEDs will help cut back more on electrical consumption.

Purchase electricity-saving appliances. Anything that runs on electricity requires a certain amount of energy to work. Because of this, appliances that use more energy will cost residential and commercial owners more money. Even small changes can make a significant difference. For example, turn down the thermostat of an air conditioner by just one degree, run an electric clothes dryer with cold water instead of hot water, or use a dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes.

Use a clothes line or drying rack instead of an electrical appliance. With the rise in popularity of environmentally friendly products, residential owners should be aware that clothes dryers can use between 4-8 kWh on average per load. Using a clothesline instead of a dryer can reduce electrical consumption.

Install dimmer switches. Not all lighting fixtures should be turned on at full capacity. Dimmer switches help automatically reduce the amount of energy going into a room depending on usage.

Residential Electrical Service Owings Mills

Learn more tips and ways to save from the professionals at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we believe that honesty, respect, and integrity are important. That’s why we have up-front pricing. You approve the price before we start your job. Contact us today for assistance with all of your electrical needs.

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