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Smart Home Devices Save You Money

Let’s face it: sometimes it feels like everything around us is getting smarter. Technology surrounds us, and smart home devices help us to gain control of our lives.

What Are Smart Home Devices?

Smart devices can be anything from entertainment systems to appliances to controllers and more. Beginning with our smartphones, nearly everything we own is now part of this technology. Appliances, televisions, home comfort and lighting controls… even our automobiles are all becoming intelligent and connected.

Smart home devices directly interface with our personal and home lives. We can remotely control the lighting in any room and choose what music is playing. Programmable thermostats automatically change our heating and cooling settings based on the weather outside. Controllable outlets deactivate devices when not in use. Smart appliances allow us to customize their controls and monitor their use and efficiency.

How Can Smart Devices Save Money?

Most noteworthy, smart home devices can save substantial money on our home energy by controlling our environment and shutting down items when not in use. Even electronics that are not smart devices can be controlled through smart power strips and outlets, which eliminates their expense when idle.

Saving Through Automation and Advanced Control

Many energy adjustments can be programmed to adjust according to our schedule and habits. Imagine being able to shut that central air conditioning down as you leave the house and reactivate it again from your phone when you are on your way back. You come home to a cool house without the expense of having it running all day, but also without the need to return to a stifling house. You can do the same with lighting, entertainment systems, or just about anything else. The app on your phone controls it all from any location!

Start Saving

To learn more, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. Sign up for an electrical energy audit in Hanover, PA and see how much you can save by adding smart devices to your home. The results might surprise you.

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