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Spring Energy-Saving Tips to Cut Costs

You may not realize that certain habits, like leaving lights on when you exit a room, are costing you extra money. This Spring, learn a few energy-saving steps that you can easily take to help you save. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, electrician in Woodsboro, offers the following tips.

Energy-Saving Tips

The following tips could help you save money on your energy bill this Spring:

Maintain the HVAC. Your HVAC needs regular maintenance in order to run efficiently. When it operates as it should, less power is used. It will also heat and cool your home more effectively. Doing things as simple as changing the filter when it’s dirty and having professionals perform annual tune ups can cut costs on your energy bill.

Unplug unused items. Even if items are turned off, if they’re plugged in, they are still pulling a tiny bit of energy. They also generate heat when plugged in. When you add up everything in your home that is plugged in, the accumulated heat could add up to several degrees. Increased temperatures could trigger your AC, thus more energy is used. Turn off and unplug things you aren’t using to prevent energy waste.

Switch lightbulbs. Regular bulbs burn energy whereas LED bulbs use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. Switching to LEDs will save energy now. Plus, the bulbs last a lot longer, so you won’t have to change them nearly as often. LED lights also don’t create as much heat, which helps you to cool the home with more ease, even when lights are in use.

Electrician in Woodsboro

For more energy saving tips and regular electrical maintenance, contact Tim Kyle, electrician in Woodsboro. Our residential electrical services will take all of the stress out of powering your home. Let our experts work with you on any project and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the process from start to finish!


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