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A New TV and Your Electric Bill

If you are gifting a new television for the holidays, then you may be wondering how it will impact an electric bill. Although it can increase your electric bill, it’s not by much. There a few factors that decide how much the increase will be. So don’t be a Grinch; read on to learn more.

How Much Does Your TV Impact Your Electric Bill?

A TV can cost you $15 to $100 a year, depending on the watts it uses. Some TVs only use 40 watts while others eat up 500 watts. Energy Guide labels are mandatory, so you can easily find out how much energy your TV will use. This guide will show you the amount of energy being used on default settings with moderate use. This means that the price can be a bit higher than what is displayed. However, even if you’re switching to a plasma TV, the energy costs will not drastically increase. (Although it does depend on how much TV you are watching!)

The Energy Factors

The technology that your TV uses plays the most significant role in calculating how much energy your TV will use. LCD screens, LED screens, and plasma televisions are the most common types of television display technologies. LCD screens are the most commonly used. They are slightly less energy-efficient than LEDs. LED screens cost the least to run. Plasma technology uses the most energy.

The size of the TV matters also matters. If you are tripling the size of your TV’s screen, it will use up more energy.

It’s important to keep in mind that all televisions are different as the models vary. You can compare the televisions by looking at the yellow and black Energy Guide label. This label should give clear information about the energy your system will use, as well as an estimation of the annual cost to run the television.

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