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Clean Energy Sources Approach Ubiquity

Though we’ve gotten bits and pieces of good, or at least encouraging, news on the power front in the past decade, recently there have been some developments in clean energy sources that are very definitively¬†good news. For example, it’s been speculated that within the next ten years, our country’s reliance on fossil fuels “will come to an end.”

Power Plants Beat by Clean Energy Sources

There have been enough arguments about finding cleaner and/or cheaper forms of energy for years and years and years. In this case, “we’re finding cheaper alternatives,” which include seriously utilizing a slew of renewable power options.

The much-discussed wind and solar options have been falling dramatically in price over time, making both of these clean energy sources more affordable and appealing than ever. Fracking is less of an issue to be debated as the other choices become the unquestionably more sensible.

Of course, an enormous part of the current problem within the electricity industry is that our consumption is off the charts, but at least the wasteful usage will be powered more and more by renewables. We, the people who are using absurd amounts of energy, are also (thankfully) investing more and more into these clean energies: “$3.4 trillion for solar, $3.1 trillion for wind, and $911 billion for hydro power.” The most encouraging fact in all this is that, before too long, it’s reported that carrying on with the non-renewable energy plants that we use currently will be more costly than building newer, cleaner ones (such as wind farms). Before long, the only reason to turn up your nose at these options will be pure stubbornness… and nothing else.

The boom of electric cars is not quite as explosive as some of the others above, but they are on the rise. It won’t be as fast a transition as other power sources, but traditional fuel for our vehicles will eventually be pushed out in favor of charging them up. Though this is a good move for the clean energy movement, it will take time to become the majority, and it will also continue to increase the electricity consumption in the country.

There are a number of other rising trends among clean energy sources to be discussed next week. Each is a crucial piece of eliminating the more polluting power sources that we have used in the past. To learn more about how you can employ clean energy in your home, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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