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Components of an Energy Management System

An energy management system can help you make better energy decisions and save money. The entire concept centers around monitoring usage and taking control. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, electrician in Hanover, PA, discusses its four main components. Read on to learn more.

Energy Management System

An energy management system consists of a smart panel, consumption monitor, circuits, and control applications. A smart panel is essentially your system’s brain. You can use it through your computer or phone to monitor your usage and know where you’re using the most power. You may install a new panel or integrate one into your current system.

As a vital component of your management system, a consumption monitor allows you to track your energy usage. The degree of detail you receive depends on the type of monitor you use. For instance, some let you see how much energy you’re using on each circuit, while others provide even more detail. In addition, smart circuits are circuits you can turn on and off through your smart device. This means you can control them remotely, even when you’re on vacation. They can also save you the hassle of venturing to your panel to shut them off when you are away. These circuits come along with a smart panel. If you install an additional panel, an electrician will convert each circuit to a smart one. On the other hand, if you install an entirely new panel, the electrician will install these circuits with it.

While it’s convenient monitoring your energy consumption, a true energy management system gives you the power to have better control over it, and that’s what monitoring and control apps let you do. You install an app for your system on your phone or computer. Then you can monitor and take actionable steps to reduce your energy usage by shutting down any circuits running needlessly.

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