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Energy Efficiency Is Now More Easily HARVESTed

The world needs more young minds with bright ideas to reverse some of the damage we’re seeing on a global scale. Fortunately, there seem to be a lot of young minds these days producing incredible concepts and inventions to combat many of our world’s issues. In this case, a brilliant 13-year-old has found an innovative new way to capture and store energy for (possibly) maximum energy efficiency around the globe.

What Can One Girl Do to Boost Energy Efficiency?

Maanasa Mendu, from Ohio, won an award recently for her invention, HARVEST, which “converts sunlight, wind, and rain into renewable energy.” This is huge in the field of energy efficiency where there is such a huge and desperate need for clean and effective energy sources. Particularly the HARVEST device, with its ability to convert more than one different kind of source; things are looking good for the future.

“Inspired by a trip to India, where she saw many people without electricity or clean water, Mendu decided to design an affordable device capable of generating clean energy.” There are so many countries whose people don’t have the kinds of resources available in developed countries, and many of those people are wasting what they have. There is an obvious shortage across the globe when it comes to our resources at large, so harnessing the natural ones in a safe and effective way is key.

Perhaps the most winning aspect of the invention is that “it only costs about $5 to put the device together.” This makes it accessible for so many people as it can be created with such small funds and put to enormous use, particularly if it reaches its inventor’s goal of “commercial distribution” within the energy efficiency sector.

Maanasa is a role model to people everywhere of all ages. It may only be the work of one person, but her achievement is a beacon of hope for the state of things going forward. If such powerful minds are putting their time into these efforts and making big strides at young ages, then things can only really improve in the future.

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