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Energy Efforts: Solar Wins out over Coal

It was just announced that “solar power capacity tops coal for the first time ever.” This is huge, an enormous step toward a more universal acceptance of clean sources of energy and alternative energy efforts. It means that there is recorded proof that solar energy is becoming more widely utilized and that there is a real chance of it turning things around within the energy sector.

How Are the World’s Energy Efforts?

“Half a million” panels are said to be installed each day, or at least, that was the record in 2015. China in particular has been leading the way in green technology, boasting numerous efforts, including a huge amount of wind-powered devices. They are an example of leaders within these efforts, and thankfully, they aren’t the only ones trying out new, renewable sources.

Wind and solar power have both made huge strides within the past few years. As they are installed and garner positive results, more and more people can see their potential. “We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables” said a leader within the energy efforts field, and she’s certainly right. By their estimation, use of these forms of power can and will rise by almost 30% within the next six years or so; it helps that, also within their estimates, the costs will fall.

Climate change, wind and solar power, and renewable energy are all huge subjects right now. America draws toward a presidential election, and though the environment isn’t the foremost issue, it’s a crucial one. Other countries are doing a better job of focusing on what needs to be done to protect our natural resources while we still have them. Everyone, really, needs to make these efforts. In addition, more light should be shed on “cutting air pollution and diversifying energy supplies” to reduce the strain put on the ones we have.

Hopefully within a few years, the United States will join with other countries to modernize our energy efforts. Get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today to talk to an expert about breaking energy solutions for your home or business.


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