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Bathroom Ventilation Best Practices

A typical bathroom has a high humidity. Of course, mold develops in high-moisture regions. Thus, effective ventilation is critical for maintaining balanced levels of indoor humidity, thereby creating an overall healthy indoor environment. Bathroom ventilation is the process of removing humid air from your bathroom and venting it outdoors.

Bathroom Ventilation Code Requirements

Here are some general codes for bathroom ventilation you should know in order to avoid excess moisture and potential mold growth, among other things:

  • When natural ventilation is insufficient, you should vent your bath by either a 20-cfm continuous fan or a 50-cfm vent fan which you can switch on and off.
  • You should build an exhausting bath vent fan at the building exterior.
  • You should not recirculate exhaust air from bathrooms and toilets within the residence, but should instead expel it outdoors.
  • For small baths (baths of up to 100sq ft), you need to install an exhaust fan of 1 cfm per square foot of the floor. This fan gives around 8 air exchanges per hour.
  • For larger bathrooms (bathrooms of over 100sq), you should base your fan design on the fixtures installed in the bathroom. For example, if you have a tub, toilet, and shower, you need a 200 cfm of ventilation.

Have a Ventilation System

Every bathroom should have a ventilation system. Ventilating your bathroom should not come at an added cost to your monthly electricity bill. The installation of the ventilation system is not as easy as it seems. So why not have professionals do the job for you? At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves in offering the best electrical services. From an electrical energy audit to repairs and remodeling, we always strive to do our best for our esteemed customers. Call us today for residential and commercial electrical services in Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Harford, and Montgomery Counties, and Baltimore City.

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