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Standby Power Explained

If you think that unplugging idle appliances around your home saves electricity, it doesn’t. Power adapters and phone chargers account for far less than 1% of residential energy use. You can, however, save 0.5% of household electrical use that comes from standby power. Standby power is the electric power used by devices and appliances when they are switched off but still plugged in. Read on to learn more.

What Uses Standby Power

Standby power is often blamed for costing you a lot of money in wasted electricity. The three kinds of things that use standby power are plug-in adapters, devices on standby, and devices that are always working even when you’re not using them. For example, televisions are always standing by waiting to be used. They need constant power, so that when you press the ON button on your remote, it receives the signal quickly. Microwaves, DVD players, and stereos are other types of devices that use this type of power. Cable boxes and DVRs are always running. Even video game consoles are constantly searching for software updates.

How can you avoid even these minor, unseen costs? Always opt for Energy Star labeled products because they use little to no energy when not in use. You should also unplug adapters and devices when you’re not using them. If you want to know how much standby power your devices are using, purchase an energy monitor to measure it.

Modern regulations in many countries limit standby power to 1 watt or less. So if you want to save significantly on your electric bill, you should really address your heating and cooling system, older appliances that are not energy efficient, and your lighting systems.

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