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Backup Generators Come in Handy in Summer

Long-term power outages can have seriously significant consequences for those who are unprepared to handle them. Your food will go bad, you won’t be able to power your electronics, and you won’t be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house – especially during the summer months. Backup generators are crucial to your well being in the case of an unexpected power outage, and as the summer approaches, the chances of that happening are about to increase.

The Value in Summertime of Backup Generators

Thunderstorms thrive under moist and warm conditions – making summer the perfect time of year for severe thunderstorms to form. Particularly, in the southeastern U.S., the humidity and warm air rise into the atmosphere to form thunderstorms.

As a result, every year thousands of people are affected by power outages in the summer caused by these storms, and in conjunction with the hot weather, these outages can be very dangerous. Backup generators provide you with insurance in the event that your home is subject to a loss of power for an extended period of time. Having a backup generator can keep you and your family comfortable, and keep you from going hungry in this scenario.

Rolling Blackouts

Rolling blackouts occur when people are using more electricity than power companies are able to supply. During the summer, the risk of blackouts increases as people are often indoors more often, and are blasting their AC in order to keep cool.

If a blackout occurs in your area, it is vital that you have backup generators in place in order to power your home until power comes back on. When blackouts occur, power companies work hard to get everything up and running; however, it can take longer than is ideal.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins early in the summer and lasts through the fall. As we frequently see in the United States, hurricanes can have drastic, terrible consequences in afflicted areas.

Backup generators are an invaluable asset in a situation in which you lose power due to a hurricane. Hurricanes can cause areas to lose power for weeks. In this scenario, it is absolutely vital that you are able to preserve your food, keep your lights on, and keep everyone in your home comfortable until power is able to be restored.

If you are interested in purchasing a generator for your home, or have any questions regarding backup generators, feel free to contact us. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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