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Choosing a Generator

Before you purchase a generator, you may wonder what type of appliances you can run on it. This answer isn’t straightforward because it depends on the generator’s wattage output and the wattage of the appliances. By searching “electrician companies near me,” you can find an expert to help you decide on the right generator for your specific needs.

What Type of Generator Should You Choose?

Think about summer heat when choosing a generator. While you can have a generator that powers your refrigerator, your cell phone charger, and one other device, you want to also consider heating and cooling systems. Try to purchase one that can run your air conditioner and fans in the event a summer storm wipes out your power.

When you think about what size to buy, consider your kitchen appliances. Severe storm damage can leave you without power for days on end. You can save your food by having a generator that runs your refrigerator. Having one that runs your stove is also a benefit.

Also, think about your work needs if you should lose power for an extended period of time. As of May 2022, it’s estimated that more than 4.7 million people work from home at least part of the time. Chances are that many of these individuals require a phone, computer, and Internet to complete their jobs. Therefore, when purchasing a generator, make sure you can charge your laptop and phone. It helps to find one that’ll run your router as well.

Finally, factor in entertainment. You want to live relatively comfortably without having to stare at a wall for hours. So, consider how you’ll run lights to read or play games, a television to watch, or a radio to listen to.

Electrician Companies Near Me

It’s essential to know which appliances you want a generator to run. Contact top “electrician near me” Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for more information. With standby power, your house is never in the dark. We can install your emergency generator and power panel. And, we’re happy to help you size and select one of the world’s best generators by Kohler.

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