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Generator Maintenance Crucial to Functionality

You already know the value of having a generator of some size at your home, particularly during the summer when thunderstorms are more likely to knock out your power. Would you say, though, that you know about the kind of generator maintenance that you should undertake regularly?

Don’t Neglect Your Home Generator Maintenance

Generator maintenance isn’t just so that you know it will function when you need it, but also for “preventing damage to your machine as well as injuries to the operator.” A good way to make sure that you know how to tend to this device is to keep the manual, or instructors, when it’s first installed. This may seem obvious, but a lot of people automatically throw these pamphlets away! Also, in case it’s come up, “avoid the temptation to ‘backfeed’ power into your home through double-ended power cords,” which is considered both dangerous and illegal.

Did you know that having the generator low on gas can actually cause damage to it? Some of proper generator maintenance includes making sure that the tank is never empty. Letting it drain entirely can do harm to the coils inside the system, so unless you don’t mind having to pay for their replacement, keeping it filled with gasoline is a better way to do things.

Finally, like all machines, generators go through general wear and tear over time. You should take a look inside, or have a professional do a check up on the system every so often, to ensure that the “oil, spark plugs and air filters” are up to snuff. If not, you should see about having them replaced or repaired as needed to keep the generator running to its max potential. What’s the point in having one for your home if it doesn’t work in your time of need?

If you want more information about home generator maintenance or would like one installed for your property, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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