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Home Generator Repair

You may not pay much attention to your home generator—until you need it. But, when the need arises, you obviously want that system to work well. Generators require upkeep: you might even need home generator repair from a York County electrician. Here are some signs that indicate repair is required.

Home Generator Repairs

When you see damage on your generator, that’s a pretty good sign that you need repairs. If you can see wires that look loose or are frayed, it’s important to have the generator checked over. This kind of damage isn’t going to go away if you ignore it. It’s important to get things back up in working order if you see corrosion, chewed wire, or other obvious signs of damage.

It’s smart to start your generator every month to ensure it will work when you need it. If there are issues, you can address them before the needs are more pressing. If the generator doesn’t start up immediately, it could be that the fuel is too old and needs to be changed out. Don’t ignore this problem, or any others that might lead to further issues.

Also, does your generator work, but provide inconsistent power? Or, does it turn off randomly? These are indications that it is not going to work efficiently when you need it to run well. Have an electrician look the unit over to ensure it will give consistent power when you need it the most. Finally, if you run your generator and you notice strange odors, it could be a health or safety concern. Address the issue right away.

Contact a York County Electrician

If your power goes out every time there’s anything from a strong gust of wind to a full-blown tropical storm, we can help. At Tim Kyle, we know that you don’t want to be stuck in the dark. More than that, you don’t want to have to go without heat, cool air, running water, or working appliances and electronics for any longer than you have to. That’s why we partner with Kohler to offer the absolute best in generators and other standby power options. Contact us today to learn more about generators and emergency standby power.

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