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What Should You Do When a Transformer Blows?

Hearing and seeing a transformer blow can be downright scary. The aftermath can be inconvenient. There are several things you can do when a blown transformer happens in your area. Having home generators in Baltimore can be a huge benefit. Read on to learn more.

What to Do When a Transformer Blows

Electricity plants generate power in large amounts. To get to your home, electricity travels down power lines. The voltages are too big to enter buildings, so transformers step the voltage down to safely transfer. When a transformer blows, you may see a fireball, hear a loud bang, and see a lot of smoke.

Transformers could blow for a number of reasons. If lightning hits the transformer, for example, that additional voltage could be more than the transformer can handle. Some companies shut transformers off when lightning is in the area so that doesn’t happen. If transformers are 20-30 years of age, they can blow out because their wiring is deteriorating. They are not able to handle the electricity demands in the area. Power surges, along with water and moisture, can also put a strain on the transformers. Finally, rodents can make their way into transformer boxes and cause a blow.

If you hear or see a transformer blow, you need to stay away from it if possible. Any downed lines or blown transformers are very dangerous. You should also call the power company and let them know of the transformer’s location. You can then use backup power in your home until things come back on.

Home Generators in Baltimore

Your power can be interrupted for many different reasons, including a blown transformer. Think about how to handle your home when these events occur in advance so you can prevent any inconveniences. For example, you might look into home generators in Baltimore to help you to continue using power when your initial power source is interrupted. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to learn more. With standby power, your house is never in the dark. We can install your emergency generator and power panel. We’re happy to help you size and select one of the world’s best generators by Kohler.

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