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How to Protect Your Home During a Nationwide Transformer Shortage

Power outages happen in Maryland and around the Baltimore Gas and Electric users in the area. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, an electrician in Towson, is an unlimited resource that can help you understand how to protect your home during a nationwide transformer shortage. Advice might include getting a backup generator, for example. Here are some details:

What Are Transformers?

Transformers aren’t cool robots that turn into cars like in the movies. Rather they are devices that change electricity from a high voltage into a low voltage. They are used in a variety of places relating to electricity and they help to restore power to homes after bad storms. Since there are supply chain and raw material issues as of late, there’s a shortage of transformers all over the country.

What Do Shortages Mean For Homes?

Since storms are inevitable, homeowners could go longer without electricity than normal after an outage. It’s always best to be prepared in case you find yourself in that situation, especially if you live in a rural area that has frequent outages or in a new construction neighborhood.

How Can You Protect Your Home?

The best way to protect your home from being without power for long periods of time is to have a backup generator. Backup generators, depending on their size, can run all of the power to your house, or they can act as auxiliary power devices and bring power to important things, like the fridge and other appliances. You can get advice as to which generator would work best for your needs, and your budget and a professional installation is always best as well.


Get An Estimate From an Electrician in Towson

Any time you are dealing with electricity, it is best to work with professionals. The electrician in Towson can help you look into backup generator options so you can find the right fit for your home and the money you have to put towards the device. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is available for free consultations and estimates whenever you are ready to look further into the backup generators on the market and what they can do for your home in the event of power loss.

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