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Holiday Lighting Hazards May Not Be Obvious

The holiday seasons should be a time of joy and family enrichment – not a time for urgent visits to the hospital emergency room. Unfortunately, for some families, the hazards of setting up holiday decorations, particularly holiday lighting, can lead to injuries and accidents that put a damper on the festive season. There are a few tips that will help avoid such accidents, freeing families up to enjoy the warm embrace of the holidays.

Avoid Holiday Lighting Hazards

To avoid holiday lighting hazards, one first make sure that all holiday lighting is verified safe by a nationally recognized testing source. Most holiday lights will be sold containing certificates of authenticity and veracity emblazoned directly on the packaging. It is also possible to do rudimentary research on such lights to double-check the safety standards and avoid any lighting hazards.

One mistake some homeowners make that results in holiday lighting hazards is not verifying the capacity of the electrical extension cords and power strips. This is critical, as some power strips and cords are not designed to withstand or conduct the additional power homeowners use to light brilliant seasonal displays. To avoid these hazards, double-check the voltage needed and the capacity limits of such electrical tools before hanging any festive lighting displays.

Holiday lighting requires some logistical awareness as well. Some homeowners forget that outdoor lighting displays are exposed to the elements – particularly wind and precipitation – and thus must be properly fastened and protected. Additionally, all holiday lighting units should be checked thoroughly for any frayed, wearing, or worn connections, as these could be quite hazardous. Lighting strips must be properly secured, too, using fasteners or staples to avoid damage and lighting hazards in moderate to high winds.

Finally, in order to avoid unique lighting hazards, homeowner’s must make sure to properly read all instructions and follow them carefully. This includes using indoor lights and outdoor lights only where appropriate, potentially only stringing a few lighting designs together, correctly removing and disposing of such holiday lighting units, as these are designed to be temporary, not fixed units.

Following simple lighting instructions and avoiding preventable holiday lighting hazards will lead to a much more enjoyable, safer holiday season. To make sure that your home has all its lights set up safely, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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