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Home Security Breakthrough: FLARE Technology

While most of the major players in the home security field are American companies, one of the more recent arrivals on the scene is German company BuddyGuard. Their home security system offers a number of features not necessarily found across the board in its competitors.

German Home Security Brings Safety to All

The product, called FLARE, has been compared with the more commonly-known Nest. BuddyGuard’s FLARE “relies on its camera to record entrances to the home (saving images to an online database) and recognize faces of its residents.” It exists almost as an electronic doorman for the homeowner, utilizing audio and video features to keep its residents as safe as possible and to keep out unwanted visitors.

Unlike many of the security systems in homes today, FLARE doesn’t require you to drop everything and run to input a code the moment you enter your home. Because of its high-tech recognition, it can affirm that you are the homeowner without your having to interact with it at all. Reassuring to those with privacy concerns is that the system turns off (its microphone and camera) after it sees that you are home.

Similarly to Nest and other home security systems, FLARE can also be used to adjust lights or locks by owners who aren’t in the vicinity. If there is an intruder, though, it can mimic sounds to make it appear (sound) as if someone is actually present even when they’re not. If that fails, a loud siren may serve to deter the unwanted visitor. Finally, if there is an effort to have the device removed, it notices and sends out a related alert.

Home security has come a long way from a simple lock on the door. To improve your own system in order to keep your family as safe as possible, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. The experts at Tim Kyle have experience in this field and offer a Home Safety Service plan in which you recieve priority service, an annual safety check and extended warranties on any new equipment that is installed.


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