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Light Switches May Need Immediate Replacement

Everything gets worn down over time. Did you know, though, that your light switches can actually wear down, too? If not, then look for some of these signs that they’re in need of a replacement.

Don’t Risk Your Safety: Replace Your Light Switches

You may not have ever replaced one of your light switches before. After all, “most will last for decades, and other than an occasional cleaning, they’re essentially maintenance-free.” However, it’s possible that they’ll get worn down with the passing of time, at which point you want to make sure to replace it for utility and safety.

The experts say that you shouldn’t pass over any signs that something has changed with your switches. If it seems to be functioning differently than usual, it’s likely a sign that it’s time for a replacement. You don’t want to put it off until it becomes a threat to your safety (i.e., a fire hazard), so make moves while you’re thinking of it rather than waiting until there’s a serious problem.

“One difference you might notice is an unusual sound, often a crackling, popping or hissing sound when you flip the switch.” This can be the sign of a serious hazard – electricity where it shouldn’t be – so this is absolutely a sign that you can’t ignore. In this case, don’t attempt anything yourself, and instead contact a qualified electrician to make the replacement. Another signal that you need to do something about your light switches is if they are hot to the touch. Again, this isn’t something you should tackle yourself, and it should be addressed as quickly as possible.

A less-dangerous sign would be if the lights come on after a delay following your flipping the switch. In this case, your switch is likely just old and worn out and can be put on hold for a bit before you replace it. It may just die out gradually, but this situation shouldn’t pose any threats to your safety.

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