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Lighting Trends Combine the Old and the New

There are a lot of decisions involved when you move into a new house or apartment.  You likely have a ton on your mind including the kind of look and feel you’d like for your new space.  When it comes to lighting trends, consider the following, recent trends in the industry so you can work them into your environment as you decorate, if you’re interested!  At the very least, take a look and see what’s big in lighting trends within the past year.

Consider These Lighting Trends for a Style Update

Lighting is part of what can “dictate the mood of a room.”  When your guests walk in, you’ll be presenting them, purposefully or not, with a certain vibe depending on the brightness and color of the light itself and the design and display of the fixtures.  Before you make any lighting decisions, “consider a few key factors: the color of the room, the amount of available natural light, the functionality of each fixture and the size of the room you’re lighting.”  It’s usually easiest to talk over your ideas with a home decorator, interior designer, or lighting expert in order to get their opinion on your project.  Even easier is an internet search, inputting the mood or theme that you’d like for the space and looking over some examples to determine what you do and don’t like.

Some of the most recent lighting trends include “brass and glass vintage chandeliers,” “warm metals,” “blown glass,” and “pendant lighting.”  Chandeliers are most typically found in kitchens, dining rooms, and/or foyers, but you can add them as a decorative addition to whichever room just a little extra sparkle.  “Warm metals” includes such types as brass and copper, so consider combining the two themes by adding a brass chandelier somewhere it’s sure to be admired.

Blown glass isn’t completely breakthrough, but this modern-styled choice can complement the more antique feel of the above chandelier for a very interesting and conversation-worthy compliment.  These often-colorful lights can pop in a more neutral-toned room while your brass chandelier stands out, possibly, among an otherwise modern selection of furniture.  If you aren’t as excited about the idea of the brass or glass, vintage-themed chandelier, instead consider a chandelier made of pendant lights.  This part of the year’s lighting trends are easily combined into one bigger piece or used separately for a similarly standout effect.

Perhaps unsurprising is that another part of lighting trends, lately, is the installation of LED bulbs into fixtures.  Since they’ve been adjusted and adapted more and more over time, making them into a highly desirable option for lighting output, LEDs seem like a no-brainer when looking to both dress up a new space and to save energy and money.  They’re highly versatile, of course, since they can be used with either modern or more antiquated fixtures to great effect.

Finally, “bringing the indoors out” is another big part of recent lighting trends, including a focus on exterior lighting fixtures.  Additionally, there has been a big call for “nature-inspired designs” which almost does the opposite, bringing the outdoors inside your home.  People want more of the outside whether that means going to spend more time on porches and decks or in yards, or utilizing elements like “stone and wood” to conjure feelings of nature within the house itself.

If your home needs a style refresh, or if you’re decorating a new space and want to implement fixtures that adhere to breakthrough lighting trends, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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