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Smoke Detectors: How Do They Work?

If you’ve ever been cooking and there’s seemingly no smoke but the smoke detectors are blaring, you may have wondered why that happens. These devices can save lives and are absolutely necessary to be installed everywhere, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands how they function. Maybe we should!

Wondering How Smoke Detectors Work?

“Knowing the how and why of detector systems can help you choose the ideal types and layouts to suit your home safety needs.” If you don’t already have these devices installed in your home, then that should be your first priority.

With that goal in mind, you should also know that there are two kinds of smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric. The former has a near-constant charge that, when disrupted by the presence of smoke, sets off the alarm. The latter uses a tiny beam of light that (as with the ionization model) will set off the alarm if it is interrupted. If you can, then install both types in your home so that you are covered no matter what type of fire begins inside.

If this sounds excessive, then just consider the damage that could be done by just one instance of an out-of-control fire. Having a few smoke detectors installed won’t break the bank, and it could make all the difference in protecting your valuables from damage… and, above all else, keeping loved ones from harm.

Whatever type of smoke detector you get, just make sure that it’s done quickly and that they’re installed properly so that everyone inside will stay safe. There’s no excuse for putting this off, and the same goes for changing the batteries of a chirping detector. They should be fully functional at all times! If you need an electrician who can make sure that your home is safe from any fire hazards, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things,¬†for your home or business.


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