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Electrical Safety Inspection Necessary This Time of Year

You may not be thinking about the new year yet, but that doesn’t mean that the end of the year isn’t approaching. That means that the possibility for snowfall increases with each passing day. In order to prepare yourself for any weather-related emergencies, you should have an electrical safety inspection carried out at home.

Don’t Skip Your Electrical Safety Inspection

Why is this time of year ideal for an inspection? It isn’t just because of the chance of snow. “As you run the furnace more often and prepare to hang holiday lights,” your electrical system is working harder than ever. Even more than that, there are unseen dangers, like the risk of carbon monoxide as a result of running your heaters and shutting yourself inside, that you may not think about, but an electrician called for an electrical safety inspection will.

Of course, the hanging and running of holiday lights come with their own risks. Leaving string lights, or the lights on a tree, lit up all day and night can cause them to overheat and potentially cause a fire. Candles (real and electric), space heaters, and outlets (including extension cords and surge protectors) are all possible culprits. Speaking of outlets: “electric shock can occur when you plug outdoor holiday lights into exterior outlets that aren’t ground fault circuit interrupters.”

So, what kinds of things do they check for during an electrical safety inspection? In addition to what’s been mentioned, an electrician will check out your alarms, detectors, and protectors. That means they’ll make sure you’re protected from carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke and fires, and surges. That’s all inside, typically, but they may also inspect any outdoor and hanging lights that you’ve set up to ensure they’re up to code.

Finally, recognize that there are a lot of robberies during this season as people buy and store gifts. You should check to see if your alarm (if you have one) is functioning properly, or at least that you have safety/security lighting around the home.

Not every electrician is qualified and licensed, and not everyone can help you to fully prepare for the season. In order to get an electrical safety inspection carried out by trained professionals, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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