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Kitchen Lighting Styles for the Modern Age

Figuring out which kitchen lighting to use can seem like a challenge. The numerous types of bulbs and fixtures add up to a nearly infinite array of possibilities. Figuring out what you need and having them installed into your home’s electrical grid is a challenge best left to the best electrician in Emmitsburg. Discover some of the best kitchen lighting styles and see how easy it is to have them installed!

Why is Kitchen Lighting Important?

A consistently-bright kitchen is a safe and appealing kitchen. Imagine chopping up vegetables without sufficient lighting: one false move and you could be on your way to the ER. From spotting dirty areas on the counter to keeping your fingers safe, a well-lit kitchen does far more than simply illuminate the cooking area. Here are three popular, modern lighting ideas:

Orb Lighting

Imagine seeing large glass orbs hanging from your kitchen ceiling and casting a sharp light on every surface. We recommend this setup for completely modern, freshly-renovated kitchens. The orbs produce a large amount of light for their overall surface area, making it a definite must-have for smaller kitchens without open access to other spaces.

Accent Lights

Accents lights highlight a specific area. They can open up small spaces making areas appear larger and putting emphasis on counters, cabinets, or decorative pieces.

Antique Fixtures

Looking to add a bit of old-fashioned style to your modern kitchen? Antique fixtures add an elegant, old-school touch to modern kitchens without sacrificing quality. Older installations can accept modern LED lighting sources, enabling you to enjoy quality fixtures from yesteryear without having to run up your electric bill every time you flip the switch!

Upgrade Your Kitchen Lighting Today

Getting your kitchen lighting project started has never been easier. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, an electrician in Emmitsburg, to discover how fast, affordable, and life-changing a simple lighting upgrade can be!

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