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Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

Pool deck lighting takes your home retreat to the next level, and there are a dozen ways to do it. It also makes the area less dangerous when the sun has set, and you may not be able to see as clearly. Read on to learn more about ways install pool deck lighting.

Types of Landscape Lights

There are various types of lights to choose from when it comes to your outdoor space. This first is floodlights. Floodlights work best in large areas, and they can illuminate full portions of your deck. Spotlights are used to highlight a particular feature. You can do this with uplighting or downlighting for different effects. Torches light a perimeter of the area and add a lot of character to the space. String lights are used for aesthetics, and they add a touch of personality to the area.

Ideas for Pool Deck Lighting

If your pool has a waterfall, consider adding light underneath it. This makes the light dance off the water. Adding light from the edge of the pool creates a gentle flood of light. You can also use the light to hit the surface of the pool to highlight movement. What structures do you have near your pool? If you have a pergola in the area, recessed lighting adds a bit of magic. Electricians can hide the wires so it doesn’t interfere with the appearance. If you have steps leading to the pool, consider lighting them for safety reasons. You can use tread lights that fit into the stairs and cast light downward onto the step below it. Adding dimmers is also a wonderful idea. It allows you to create the perfect poolside ambiance.

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