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LED Lighting Myths to Ignore

Considered the wave of the future, LED lighting provides an ultimate solution to the energy efficiency headache. However, LED lighting still has to wrestle with scores of myths and misconceptions. Some potential users are still in the dark on why LEDs are a better choice.

Myths of LED Lighting

Myth #1: LEDs are too costly. The installation cost for LED lighting bulbs runs higher than that of fluorescent bulbs. However, it is a fraction of the massive amount it will save you in the long run. LED bulbs to use up only about 20 percent of the energy traditional incandescent bulbs consume.

Myth #2: LED bulbs do not produce enough light. LED systems may produce fewer lumens than traditional bulbs, but they are just as productive when it comes to delivery light. Delivery light is the amount of light from a source that reaches the target surface. Basically, it is the parameter that should count when comparing bulbs.

Myth #3: LEDs do not last long. It is true that LED lighting loses its efficiency over time. However, experiments show that for the bulb to lose 30 percent of its light output, it must be used for at least 50,000 hours. That translates to a staggering six years of non-stop use.

Myth #4: LEDs produce poor light quality. Quality of light is measured using the color rendering index (CRI). A typical room would require a CRI measure of 70-90 at least. LEDs produce 80 or more.

Myth #5: LEDs do not generate heat. Since they do not produce infrared energy, light from LED sources is not always accompanied by heat. That said, there is always some waste heat which can be dissipated into the surrounding air through clever engineering.

Start Saving

LED lighting helps conserve energy and provides savings on your electrical budget. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Services, a local electrician in Frederick County, to have a LED lighting system installed in your home and learn more about cost savings.

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