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LED Lights Can Offer Big Savings

Of all the technological advancements of the last few years, one of the most substantial has been the development and refining of LED lights. This tiny electronic “glow stick” has changed everything from TV displays to home lighting, and its impact is still growing.

The LED Difference

Traditional light bulbs used a small strand of special wire called a filament. Although very common, they were expensive to operate and created a lot of heat. They were also sensitive to sudden movement, which could break the filament and ruin the bulb. The only alternative was the fluorescent bulb, which passed electrons through excitable gasses to emit light. They were also inefficient with a short lifespan. Then came LED lights. LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is an electronic component that glows when power is applied. It gives off very little heat and produces substantial light without much electrical input.

Advantages of LED Lights

There are significant advantages to switching from traditional lighting to LED:

  • LEDs use less electricity. LED lighting only uses a fraction of the electricity that filament bulbs do. The potential savings for most homes and businesses are astronomical.
  • LED lights are less sensitive. The LED is a “solid state device,” so there is no delicate filament that could be broken. LEDs are far more stable and can endure sudden movements and rough treatment without physical damage.
  • They are cooler (in temperature) and last longer. The biggest cause of short-life failure in light bulbs has always been heat. Any device will be damaged eventually if enough heat is applied over a long period of time. Because LED lights put off very little heat, they remain stable for long periods of time and rarely need replacing.
  • LEDs offer natural color. Another benefit of LED lights is the ability to produce more natural colors. The different materials used to manufacture the LED itself determine the color of light that they radiate.

Make the Change

To see how much you can save with LED lights, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for an electrical energy audit in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

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