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LED Light Bulbs’ Longevity Depends On…

LED light bulbs are energy efficient, bright, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wattages. They last much longer than incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. According to most product packaging, LED bulbs have a 10-year lifespan. This sounds great, but is it realistic? Read on to learn more from a residential electrician in Baltimore County, MD.

Factors Affecting LED Bulbs’ Lifespan

The first factor is your electrical supply. LEDs need a steady, reliable supply of electricity. This is critical for getting the optimal performance and lifespan from your LED bulbs. Any voltage fluctuations can affect the lifespan of your bulbs.

Another factor is the circuitry in the bulb. While the circuitry in an incandescent bulb is simple, with two wires connected to a filament, the circuitry in an LED bulb is much more complicated. If your LED bulbs aren’t lasting as long as expected, it’s likely the circuitry is failing, not the bulbs.

Temperature can adversely affect the lifespan of an LED bulb. Heat is the enemy here, and if not dissipated, it can wreak havoc on the circuitry of the bulb, greatly diminishing its lifespan. All electronic devices generate heat, which is why your home computer has heatsinks and most likely a fan to help dissipate the heat. Enclosed fixtures don’t allow for easy heat dissipation. Your fixtures need to have enough space to allow the heat to escape. Bulbs used in outdoor fixtures probably won’t last as long due to being exposed to high outdoor temperatures.

The type of capacitor used can also affect bulb life. Capacitors are devices that store energy for use later on. Your LED bulbs have a capacitor that stores energy to help produce the light you get when the bulb is on. Plastic capacitors are okay, but high temperatures can damage them. Most manufacturers now use ceramic capacitors, which can stand higher temperatures and maintain efficiency.

Choosing the Right LED Bulbs

Now that you know about what can affect the lifespan of an LED bulb, how do you choose which bulbs to use where? That’s where your electrician can help you. They can show you the types of bulbs and fixtures which would be right for your applications. Whether it’s new light fixtures in the kitchen, dining area, garage, office, or outside lighting, they can help you choose the lighting and fixtures that will exactly meet your needs and give you long bulb life.

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