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Buying the Right Bulbs for a Dimmer Switch

Buying and using the right bulbs for a dimmer switch is necessary to ensure the dimmer works correctly. This is especially important if you are dimming more than one bulb. As a rule of thumb, add up the number of total watts for all of your lights to determine what bulb is needed. Read on to learn more.

Dimmer Switch Light Bulb Options

A dimmer switch is always compatible with an incandescent or a halogen light bulb if the total wattage of all the lamps is less than or equal to the max wattage rating for the dimmer switch. Note that LED and fluorescent dimming are different. A common misconception is that a LED dimmer can always be paired with any type of dimmable LED light bulb. The best way to ensure compatibility is to check out the lamp’s manufacturer spec sheet for more information. If your dimmer isn’t on the compatibility sheet, you might choose to find another dimmer that is compatible with a specific type of light bulb.

Common Signs of Incompatibility for Dimmer and Lamps

One of the most common signs of incompatibility between a dimmer and lamps is the light blinking or flickering at certain levels. You may also notice humming or buzzing sounds. The lights may also suddenly become brighter or not respond at all to any changes. Check the instruction manual to determine if everything is compatible. It is also important to verify that the maximum wattage of the dimmer has not exceeded its limits. Reaching out to an experienced electrician can help you identify the source of the problem and find a solution as soon as possible.

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