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CFL Bulbs: What to Do When They Burn Out

CFL bulbs, or compact fluorescent light bulbs, are more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs. They are a good option when you want to “go green”, however, you must properly dispose of them when they burn out. Read on to learn more.

How to Dispose of CFL Bulbs

A CFL bulb is different than an incandescent light bulb in the way it burns out. It will grow dimmer and dimmer as it reaches the end of its life. Some bulbs will simply stop working, while others will make a popping sound and then secrete a burning odor similar to an electrical smell. CFL bulbs cannot be thrown out in regular garbage or a recycling bin. You can either contact a local garbage pickup service, ask retail stores, or get more information about a recycling program.

First, call your local curbside pickup service and ask if they offer CFL or mercury pickup and recycling services. They may tell you to drop it off at their facility. Then, contact retail stores. Most stores that currently sell or have sold CFLs offer a recycling program for them. Next, check your local hardware and home improvement stores for a drop box near the entrance. If you cannot find one, ask if they take CFLs for responsible recycling. Lastly, if your town or city offers a municipal recycling program, ask them if they take CFLs. If they do not, you can check websites such as recycleabulb.com and earth911.com to find places where you can locally and responsibly recycle old CFL lightbulbs.

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