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CFL Lighting to Lower Your Electric Bill

As the world has become more focused on a green environment, power savings have become essential. Lighting is one way to implement energy savings. CFL lighting consists of a combination of fluorescent lighting that leads to energy efficiencies. Several types of CFL lights, suited for different purposes, exist. Learn more about these types of lights and how much they contribute to household power savings.

Choose CFL Lighting

Average homes use approximately 11% of their energy budgets for lighting. Traditional lights are not energy efficient because only about 10% of the power used to run them is transformed to light. The balance is consumed as heat. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) can replace traditional lights to save energy.

They may be more expensive initially, but in the long run the cost is far outweighed by their energy efficiency. Test results show that CFLs use 50-75% less energy to run. Additionally, CFLs last approximately 10 times longer than traditional lights., making them an effective choice for power savings. Your expert Taneytown electrician can quickly advise on which CFLs are most appropriate for installation in different areas of the home. Install new bulbs to harness energy and cash savings of more than $100 a year!

A variety of CFL bulbs are available to suit all household needs. CFL lights come in the form of spiral lamps, which are screw-in bulbs. Screw-in bulbs are suited for ceiling lights, wall sconces, or table lights. Similar to spiral lamps, globe lamps have a more decorative appeal. Globe lamps can be used for ceiling or bathroom lights where lamp shades cover the actual CFL light.

CFL light styles are also available in the form of reflector and flood lamps. These styles are also screw-in bulbs and are used to focus light in a specific area. Flood lamps and reflector CFLs are typically used in darker areas within the home or for outdoor spaces where brighter light is needed.

Pin-type CFLS with tubular extensions are suited for lighting when the ballast forms part of the fixture. Pin-type CFLS are generally used in commercial spaces rather than homes.

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