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Choose the Right Under Cabinet Lighting

A kitchen requires adequate lighting. Unfortunately, kitchen cabinets can block important task lighting in the surrounding space. You might consider adding under cabinet lighting to help you with that issue. Your Emmitsburg electrician can help you to choose the right options. Here are a few to consider.

Under Cabinet Lighting Options

Under cabinet lights come in a variety of options, such as battery powered. This has a lot of benefits as you can install them anywhere, even yourself. The downside is, of course, the batteries. You will have to change the batteries on occasion. On the other hand, when the power goes out in your house, you will still have the battery powered under cabinet lights to help you with your cooking needs.

A second option is LED lighting which is hardwired and connected to a light switch. You never have to change batteries, which is a huge advantage. You will have to have the lights professionally installed. These lights are valuable as they are permanent fixtures in your home that need very little attention. If you get hardwired under cabinet lighting, you can put them on a dimmer switch to brighten or darken the lighting as needed. You can use them as ambient lighting or turn on high when completing any kitchen tasks. Dimmers can help you to meet your kitchen’s lighting needs at any time.

A final option is plug-in lighting. You could also get under cabinet lighting that will use a plug in for power. This type of lighting functional and can be a good option, however, it utilizes an outlet that you might need to use for other things.

Looking for an Emmitsburg Electrician?

Usually installed beneath cabinets or shelves, under cabinet lighting can produce localized light for a work surface, such as a kitchen counter. For those who want both utility and aesthetic, under cabinet might be the lighting solution for you. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today to learn more.

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