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Discover the Best Tube Lights for Your Space

Tube lights, or linear light bulbs, typically illuminate garages, kitchens, and office buildings. Depending on the space, LED lights or fluorescent lights can be used. If you need a Perry Hall electrician to install tube lights or to give you advice when it comes to choosing the correct lighting, rely on the expert opinion from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

Tube Lights for Your Space

Commercial spaces like retail stores, classrooms, and offices that have a normal ceiling height use 4-foot T8 tubes. To refrain from too much light, opt for LED T8 tubes powering 1800 Lumens or less. If you need more light in certain areas, use T8 tubes emitting 1800 to 2000 Lumens. Oftentimes, 2×2 fixtures require LED U-bend tubes instead of linear tubes. Strip light fixtures are commonly installed in workshops and warehouses with high ceilings. Therefore, use LED T8 tubes that provide more than 2000 Lumens to properly light the space.

Older homes often have tube lights in basements, kitchens, and garages. To help reduce energy costs, opt for 4-foot T8 tubes. Garage lights and under-cabinet lights can use 3-foot LED T8 tubes. Laundry rooms and hallways typically use fluorescent lights. Sometimes, specialty lighting is necessary. UVC and germicidal tubes kill bacteria in water, air, and food. The tubes can only be used with ballasts and fixtures specifically for this purpose. To create an indoor garden, use T5 fluorescent grow lights. For fun lighting effects, opt for LED or fluorescent black lights. Where broken glass may be a hazard, use shatter resistant LED tubes.

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