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Do Your Interior Garage Lights Need an Upgrade?

Is your garage lighting inadequate? Garages typically have one bare bulb and, if you’re lucky, a light in the door opener. However, it is easy to upgrade your interior garage lights. Start by contacting your residential electrical service in Elkridge.

The Basics of Interior Garage Lights

No matter how you use your garage, you need to have adequate lighting. Most garages today are used as a workshop, a storage facility, maybe even a game room. Some folks actually park a car in their garage. Whatever its use, you want bright, energy efficient lighting in this space.

These are some things to consider when planning for new interior garage lights:

  • Brightness: Few garages have windows, so your lights will have to deliver all your brightness. You’ll want to have lights covering the entire space, especially if you have a work area. Your residential electrical service in Elkridge can help you determine the best locations and the number of fixtures you’ll need.
  • Energy efficiency: LED lights are the most efficient. LED lights use 90% less energy than comparable incandescent bulbs; they also use less energy than fluorescent bulbs. Plus, LED lights can last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Fluorescent lights: There are pluses and minuses to fluorescents. On the plus side, they can last almost as long as LEDs. Also, they offer even distribution of light. However, fluorescents contain mercury-vapor gas, so they have special disposal requirements. Fluorescents don’t do well in cold weather, either. If your garage isn’t insulated, consider LEDs instead.

Placement should also be a major consideration. You might need a light over your workbench area. Or place lights on walls that house tools and other hanging items. Lights should definitely be placed above the garage door, both inside and out. Also consider placement above any exterior doors for safety reasons.

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