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Edison Bulbs for an Antique Look

Thomas Edison designed the Edison bulb in the early 20th century. These bulbs are oblong, made of glass, and contain filaments for a warm, yellow glow: they also offer an antique or vintage look to your lighting fixtures. If you’re interested in incorporating this trendy bulb into your home lighting, then read on below to learn more!

What’s the Value of Edison Bulbs?

Modern Edison light bulbs replicate the same light color and bulb shape as the originals. Today’s bulbs also maintain the same “exposed” look. However, today these bulbs offer a more energy-efficient version of the vintage, reproduction bulbs, so you can keep the aesthetic without paying top dollar.

Edison light bulbs can be used just like any other type of bulb, although they are typically half as bright as an incandescent light bulb by design. An Edison is compatible with most types of lamps and light fixtures, so you don’t have to make any changes beyond swapping out the bulbs. Edison bulbs are available as LEDs with a typical lifespan of 15,000 hours, meaning you don’t have to waste electricity just to get this lighting look!

The intensity of Edison bulbs can be lowered to achieve a desired mood or effect. They are available as soft white, amber, or clear glass bulbs that emit a comfortable light. If the bulb has amber-colored glass, it will have a more antique or vintage look. If it has clear glass, it will seem more “scientific.” A spiral filament further enhances the “laboratory” aesthetic of the Edison bulb. Edison bulbs are also bright enough to be used outside, but note that they should not be exposed to wet weather.

When it comes to lighting, a homeowner has many choices. Choose Edison bulbs for an antique look and feel, and for all of your lighting questions and needs, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Services. We give 100% customer satisfaction from every light bulb change to the largest remodeling or rewiring project. We offer exceptional service. Our work has earned a Five Star Rating through Five Star Rated Home Services Review! If you are looking for an electrician in Howard County, Maryland, then contact Tim Kyle.

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