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High Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Finding the right type of indoor lighting can be challenging, especially for rooms with high ceilings. The challenge is to make the room feel comfortable and not overwhelming or lacking focus. High ceiling lighting should help draw the eye to all the fantastic features of the room. Read on to learn more.

Ideas for High Ceiling Lighting

High ceiling lighting not only illuminates your home but also improves the aesthetic look of the interior space. When choosing lights, consider factors such as the amount of natural light, décor, and the size of the room. Some options you may consider for your home include:

  • Pendant or chandelier lighting brightens the ceiling and provides additional light to targeted areas, such as a table. Pendant lights have a single light bulb and are available in various designs to fit multiple types of architecture. In contrast, chandeliers have multiple light bulbs.
  • Recessed lighting fixtures can illuminate rooms in your house directly or indirectly. For effective lighting, the best way to do this is to space them evenly over the ceiling and close to the walls to ensure proper illumination and to prevent shadows. With the right installation, recessed fixtures focus light on a specific area or object.
  • Track lights, also known as strip lights, are arranged in a linear order and are effective for lighting up corners and certain angles in rooms. A professional electrician can help you adjust the lights to change the lighting experience inside your house.

Looking for an Electrician in Ellicott City?

At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we provide electrical services for residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are ready to help you find and install the appropriate high ceiling lighting fixture styles and sizes to fit your room. Contact us today to learn more about all of our electrical services.

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