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Ideas to Improve Your Garage Lighting

Garages are used for not only parking cars, but also serve as workshops or overflow storage areas. When working in your garage, you or a family member could be injured if you don’t have the proper lighting. Read on for ideas on how to improve your garage lighting.

Garage Lighting Tips

Any artificial lighting fall under three categories:

  • Ambient lighting: It illuminates the floors and walls for easy parking or walking around. They are soft and often placed overhead lights.
  • Task lighting: Bulbs to increase visibility when performing tasks.
  • Accent lighting: They fall in between ambient and task lighting and are used to highlight an area, like a foosball table.

Choose fixtures based on your function. For ambient lighting fixtures, include garage door openers with in-built lights. Add caged bulbs with an attached wire and a hook you can move and hang when needed for task lighting. For accent lights, you can include pendants that extend from the ceiling and sconces that mount to walls for easier entry at night.

Once you determine which artificial lighting best suites different areas of your garage, you still may need to make additional improvements. Swap out incandescent bulbs for LED or fluorescent equivalents. Lighting your garage with energy efficient bulbs like LEDs will deliver the same amount of lighting at a lower wattage. This helps to save on your energy bills!

Also consider incorporating more natural light. With an affordable budget, you can remodel your garage by installing window skylights. They allow sunlight to illuminate the garage during the day instead of turning garage light on. Again, another savings on your electric bills.

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