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Importance of Driveway Lighting

Driveway lighting offers a safe and nice welcome to your family and guests. Create an aesthetically pleasing perimeter for your property, increase visibility when you are driving or walking, and add to the overall beauty of your home. Read on and consider having driveway lights installed today!

The Beauty and Safety of Driveway Lighting

The best areas for driveway light placement are where a change of direction occurs or to highlight nearby obstacles. For example, when you have lighting installed near your garage, parking and leaving your vehicle becomes much easier. The wide variety of lighting available ensures you can create the effect you desire most for your home.

A local Howard County electrician can help you decide which driveway lighting is best for your needs. Electrical driveway lights are durable, provide better illumination, and are available in an exceptional selection of styles. You will need to have an electrician run wiring the length of your driveway as part of the installation process.

Best of all, there are many options to choose from when deciding the type of fixture you prefer for your driveway lighting. One of the most popular options is having a Howard County electrician install an attractive lamppost at your driveway’s entrance. If you prefer, you can have an entry pier constructed of either stone or brick for both sides of your driveway. Placing a big outdoor lantern on each pier will provide you with good driveway lighting.

If your driveway curves or is lengthy, you can consider using path lights for lining the edges. Your lights should be about 10 to 15 feet apart, switching between both sides of your driveway. You can even use your lighting to draw attention to any trees or plants lining your driveway. Another option is illuminating the area you use for parking with exterior wall lanterns.

Installing driveway lighting will improve both the safety and curb appeal of your home. Call Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, a Howard County electrician, to begin transforming your home.

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