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Importance of Good Bathroom Lighting

There are essential factors that contribute to good bathroom lighting. Proper lighting allows you to see what you are doing—from shaving to putting makeup on to relaxing in a spa-like atmosphere. Here are several ways to achieve ultimate illumination in your bathroom.

Good Bathroom Lighting

Adequate lighting helps you see better, regardless of the size of your bathroom. Nothing beats natural light, so if you only have one window, you should consider other lighting options such as:

  • Indirect up-lighting can be achieved with fluorescent or LED light strips on top of cabinets or a soffit. This provides soft, pleasant background illumination.
  • Vanity lights can be used near the bathroom mirror and are mounted on either side roughly at the user’s eye level. These lights, at the proper placement, eliminate shadows on the face that would typically occur from an overhead fixture.
  • Lights can be added over tubs, although building codes are very strict about placement. Open or hanging fixtures are not allowed within 8 feet above the tub or another 3 feet in front of it. Installed fixtures must also be allowed to get wet.
  • Never shower in the dark again! On the market today there are various options for bright, open shower trim lights.
  • Night lighting can be installed using low-wattage lights that are either on all night or that respond to motion.

Get Help From a White Marsh Electrician

Bathroom lighting may seem like a simple fix, but it can be a complicated situation. When it comes to electrical work, you never want to play a guessing game. At Tim Kyle Co. Inc., we are dedicated to providing your family with high-quality electrical services. Our electricians will install your lighting and ensure it works properly.

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