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Landscape Lighting to Brighten Your Winter

After the winter solstice, the nights get a little less long every day, but it can still be difficult to feel awake and happy when daylight lasts for such a short time.  How can you best deal with the gloomy darkness of the winter months?  Adding landscape lighting to the outside of your home and around your yard or garden can help to brighten up the bleakest time of the year!

Invest in Landscape Lighting During Darker Months

It’s easy to feel down when the weather turns cold and the sun hides away, but you can introduce some new and cheery additions outside of your home to improve things.  “During the winter months, we can see up to 16 hours of darkness, so you’ll get the most use out of your outdoor lights during this time of year.”  As a result, it makes a lot of sense to at least consider sprucing up your property with some new landscape lighting.

These additions make your yard more visually appealing and also contribute to the security of your land. There is a variety of offerings so that you can pick and choose which you like and which would accent whatever else may be outside of your home.  For example, you can highlight your door with an outline of lights which make the entranceway seem more warm and inviting to your guests.   For additional safety, but also for curb appeal, line any walkways or paths with some kind of lighting so that visitors don’t slip, trip, and/or fall out in the darkness.

If you have decorative shrubs, a fountain, statue, or some other kind of area that you would like to accentuate, consider a spotlight to really show it off.  The same can be done to particular trees by hanging string lights: maybe those which line the street so that passing cars will admire your handiwork as they go.

Just because the trees are bare doesn’t mean that your property has to be!  Consider some of these tips to enliven your yard during a time when things may be otherwise lacking luster.  Spend some time online looking for design ideas and then head to your electrical experts to purchase the products needed and to have them installed.  For more information on landscape lighting for your home during the winter, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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